by Noel Iman

Let’s talk about sex baby. Meet a group of friends exploring different sexual escapades, while searching for their own happiness. Catching up with friends can be hard especially when some work and others may be in relationships. It can be hard to stay in the know of your friend’s business. Each woman is looking for something different.

January 1st get ready to be entangled in the escapades of  Bria, Fallon, Toni & Rikel  as they navigate this funny thing called life.

Mischief Island

by Daneal Brown


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 The McDonald’s and The Lafluer’s seem to have it all -- a loving relationship, a wonderful home, and awesome friends

After an intense morning workout and a regular day at the office, Suzanne and Lauren went to one of their favorite eateries for lunch. Before their food could hit the table, Suzanne made the call that would take the couples on their wildest adventure yet. 

From the creative mind of Daneal Brown Mischief Island, will display and test friendship, love, and marriage in this spicy novel

Expert Witness

by Marvin Mason


by Marvin Mason

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Up and coming attorney, Naya Fields, works for the prestigious Chicago based law firm, Moroni, Messa, and Weston. As she works her way up to partnership, an opportunity lands in her lap. Her colleague is tossed out of a settlement meeting, landing him in the hospital and her in front of the one man she never thought she would see again… James Perkins who left her nearly seven years earlier. Now, she must navigate through a pricey deposition that could cost her client hundreds of millions of dollars if not completely ruin them while she tries to overcome the one man who broke her heart


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Joshua Easton and Christian Buckman are two best friends going into their senior year of college who embark upon a road trip to help Joshua's cousin, Tina, move from a college dorm to an off-campus locale. Having been friends since the second grade, they know each other’s secrets.

The two young men hit the road back home for a five-hour ride down the Interstate late at night where eight young Black men have recently disappeared.

Will they make it back home or will they join the missing?

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