Book Review Policy

A few housekeeping notes on my review process

ARC’s are definitely appreciated, but not required. I purchase or borrow 99% of the books I review. I read on my Kindle or Laptop so formatting should not be an issue.
  1. I  review books in the order the requests are received. 
  2. I currently cross-post on 3 platforms Amazon, Audible & Goodreads, but not sure how much longer that will be in place. 
  3. I share the cover of your book and a mini-version of the review across my social media platforms.
  4. If I have received an ARC or an Advanced Audio copy for an upcoming release, my reviews are posted on the book release date or within 7 days. 
  5. My current interest has been urban & street fiction, erotica, romance (urban, interracial, paranormal,  m/m & other categories), and cozy mystery. 
  6. There is no guarantee your book will be chosen. If it is you will be contacted via email.
I receive quite a few requests and therefore cannot give you an exact time frame on when the review will be completed.  I appreciate your requests and will do my best to respond and provide you with constructive and honest feedback to aid your growth and ultimately your overall sales. 

Thank you for contacting me and I hope to work with you soon.