3 Tips For Choosing Your Next Romantic Read

Updated: Apr 24

(written by Chelsea Parker posted April 12, 2019)

Romance novel readers tend to be fairly voracious. Even the reads themselves can get heavy at times, most fans of the genre tend to always be on the lookout for the great romance books. If you are looking for your next romantic read, make sure to follow the tips discussed below. 

Follow That Author!

One of the easiest ways to find a new romantic read is to follow the author of the last book your love. Romance authors tend to be particularly prolific, especially when they dominate a certain niche in the genre. Many romance novels list the bibliography of the writer on the inside cover of the novel and even those that don't usually have a link to the author's website. If you're willing to do a little investigation, you might find a great new book to read. 

Look at the Setting

What did you like most about the last book you read? While going for variety is nice, it's never a bad idea to look at iterations on the same topic. If you liked a particular setting, plot device, or character type, you might have fun by following along with that particular aspect of the book going forward. Remember, romantic literature is actually composed of many sub-genres, so seeking out a setting that you love might actually help you find a whole world of new books. 

Go Online

Don't be afraid to check out what others are reading! There are plenty of great book review sites out there, some of which are dedicated to romantic novels. Do a little searching to see what others reading, what they love, and which books are tearing up the charts. There's nothing wrong with following the crowd, especially when you are on the hunt for a great new romance novel. 

Finding your next romantic read doesn't need to be tough. Figure out what you liked about the last book you read and seek out books that have similar qualities. Remember that if all else fails, there are always legions of fans out there who will happily recommend books for you to read next.

Chelsea Parker is a blogger at Pillow Talk Books, a website that is dedicated to curating and sending out free and bargain romance ebooks each day. 

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