The Best Places for an Independent Author to Sell Their Work

You have a brilliant story idea, a burning desire to see it on every bookshelf you come across, and an unshakable belief that people will fall in love with it.

That’s awesome.

But, let me tell you something you already know – this is what every author thinks about their work. The sad reality is that the bulk of the novels created never see the light of the day. J. K. Rowling got rejected by 12 publishers before she found one that was ready to publish her work. Not everyone sees the brilliant of your work.

You know it. You’ve prepared for it. And you are not ready to give up before putting up a fight.

That’s good!

Because a fight might just be what you need to taste success. You don’t need a publisher to find success. There are several ways you can take your work to your audiences and create a steady, regular income. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Take it to Amazon

This an obvious choice. Amazon is an e-commerce beast with little competition. There are several instances of self-published authors selling hundreds of thousands of copies of their books via Amazon Publishing. For a percentage of the revenue, Amazon will take your work to millions of readers across the world. However, you may find the market on Amazon quite saturated if you don’t choose your niche carefully. So, choosing the right topic can make a massive difference on Amazon.

2. Big Bookstores

Sure, big bookstores, like Barnes and Noble, are dying and may soon follow the Blockbuster path. But that day is not today. They continue to be prominent and relevant. However, it’s not easy to convince them of the marketability of your book as they are notorious for being, well, a bit rude.

3. Indie Bookstores

Indie bookstores are among the best options for independent authors to publish their books. You can forge a traditional (per book) or consignment-based agreement with an indie bookstore, which will give you a footing in the market. They will also allow you to test out the market potential of your book and help you find the right audience for your book without spending heavily on marketing.

4. Build Your Platform

Yeah, easier said than done. But, not impossible either.

Build a website, keep posting on it routinely, and gather a fan following. Gather the email addresses of the visitors and build an email list.

Experiment with your story ideas. That way, you can pursue stories that receive excellent feedback or offer the highest potential. Once you gather your own fan following, you can publish your book on the blog. All the visitors are prequalified and already like what you write. So, the maximum number of them will purchase your book.

When you write your next book, the customers are all ready and set to hit the Buy button. No publisher will be able to take away that from you.

There are several more channels that you can use to sell your book, including IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, Scribd, and even local book stores, including independent online bookstores like Bougie & Bookish Things opening July 7, 2020. Explore every opportunity to sell your book. Even if you don’t register a sale through a channel, it can help you find the right audience for your book.

Thank you to guest writer

A.J. @dartwriter101

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