The Audacity to be Divine: A Soul's Journey Towards Illumination


"The Audacity to be Divine: A Soul's Journey Towards Illumination"
-A Compelling Story of the Eternal Quest for Spiritual Truth in the Context of Our Time-
This is the true story of Mary Mrozowski, an ordinary 1950s NYC housewife (turned divorcee and single mother) who became an extraordinary social activist, international organizer, and world-renowned spiritual leader. Written by her daughter Judith, "The Audacity to be Divine" is a revelatory tale of transformation, resilience, and unparalleled truth-seeking. ABOUT THE BOOK:

Mary was a quintessential New York housewife living in the depth of despair. Bearing the secret of her family's tumultuous past, Mary reclaimed her truth and strove for redemption against all odds - transcending as a social activist, international organizer, and spiritual leader for the masses. Mary was able to transcend worlds. Having integrated Christian modalities with Eastern philosophies, she established a lay monastic house of contemplation called "Chrysalis House." She mingled as an equal with spiritual and religious leaders, companions, and strangers. As her teachings led her across five continents, thousands followed, considering her a modern-day saint, role model for transformation, and sage for self-fulfillment. Seeking truth was her religion. Amidst a sea of neutrally-dressed spiritual leaders, out would walk Mary - a vision in a bold red dress and heels. She did not fit in and she did not want to --she was embraced by those who found solace in her relatability and charisma beyond measure.

"The Audacity To Be Divine" is a groundbreaking, compelling and inspirational book about the arduous journey towards transformation and illumination. -Release Date: June 30th, 2020 -Publisher: Austin Macauley -ISBN-10: 1645363619 -ISBN-13: 978-1645363613 -Purchasing Details: "The Audacity to be Divine" is available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. WHY YOU NEED THIS BOOK: Lovingly crafted, "The Audacity to be Divine" is an easy-to-read novel written for contemporary skeptics and truth-seekers who can identify with the true intimate story of the eternal quest for spiritual truth in the context of our time - a time of crises, uncertainties, and mounting paradoxes. In a time of self-reflection and soul searching in response to our current climate, this book seeks to open a path for inner light and authenticity. It is an engaging narrative that offers guidance and hopes to anyone in search of faith, healing, and joy. Mary Mrozowski’s story provides illuminating solace, in a time when we need it the most. This book is for anyone hungry to find meaning in their lives. Whether you want to embark on a spiritual quest for enlightenment, or just want to curl up with a beautiful story about a high heel-wearing, influential, female change-agent - the ultimate tale of girl power and grace, "The Audacity to be Divine" is an absolute must-read. It will illuminate your bookshelf for years to come. “It is so good, so very good, to have Mary Mrozowski's courageous heart and unflappable presence back front and center just now, when our planet has never needed her more! This intimate biography/autobiography was lovingly crafted by her daughter Judith Halbreich and vividly conveys Mary's salty spirit and profound spiritual attainment. She is indeed a contemporary spiritual saint, opening pathways of hope for all of us.” -Cynthia Bourgeault ABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Judith Halbreich is the author of "The Audacity to be Divine: A Soul’s Journey Towards Illumination." She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist with an extensive, successful executive career in Social Services, Clinical Research, and mental health. She is the founder and CEO of Home of Champions (HOC), a unique nonprofit program that exists to inspire leaders emerging from the foster care system to become champions of their best selves. When Judith is not devoting her time to HOC, you can find her making a delicious tagine and dancing salsa in her living room.