Meet William Becker: A New Pen in Horror

 William Becker is a horror author from Boone, North Carolina. Originally adopted from Saint Petersburg, he began his professional writing career at age fifteen with his first novel, “Weeping of the Caverns.” His work is known for being non-traditional, gritty, and with a slightly experimental edge that never sacrifices accessibility. Becker's work encompasses elements of romance, sci-fi, drama, surrealism, and mystery. His Lynchian influence is apparent in his second novel, “Grey Skies,” which was published when he was nineteen, as well as some of his short stories, many of which have been released for free on his website during Covid.

After the publication of Grey Skies in 2019, he became enrolled as a student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where he became a staff writer for the student-led newspaper, The Seahawk, as well as an intern for NBC WECT-6.

In November of that same year, he was published in Atlantis Creative Magazine with his short story, “New York Onions.” During the COVID-19 Pandemic, he released a number of short stories for free, a "romance" with elements of social critique in “Seventh Circle,” a surreal horror-drama in the form of “The Egg,” a more depressive drama about suicide in the form of “For We Are Many,” and finally, a take on body horror and drug addiction in the form of “The Soil of God”

A man, Roman, a dead nun, and no clue as to what happened to her. 

Grey Skies was my first read by the author and I have to tell you it makes me wonder what goes on in his mind. This story was delivered with such descriptive detail that you are almost completely immersed in this frightening world. 

With our hero not knowing why a friend of his ex-wife has been murdered, he initially decides to bury her. However, the weather prompts him to just put her in his trunk and take her home. This is where the story takes us down the rabbit hole of fear. 

There are action sequences and a mix of flashbacks that could have been hallucinations. The story has a controlled chaotic feel to it. I could not read it in one sitting only because I had to read it early enough during the day so that I could sleep at night. Yeah, I'm not afraid to admit that I was freaked the hell out. The author, at the time, was 18yrs old I believe when this was penned. He delivered a psychologically, twisted horror. I believe fans who are looking for something new in horror will love this book and this author. 

He hasn't stopped delivering his brand of creepy goodness to us. 

In 2022, his film adaptation of “For We Are Many” shocked audiences worldwide with its devastatingly real take on suicide, being selected for numerous film festivals across the globe. William Becker recently released his third novel, “The Vampire of Köln,” with a fourth projected for release by the end of 2023.


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