I'll never let you go by Octavia Grant

You know as soon as I saw the cover I knew I was in for some drama…back up as soon as I saw Ms. Grant released a new book, I knew I was in for some crazy drama. It was confirmed after what Damien did to the birds…lol

This is the story of the relationship between Damien and Persia and the obstacles they encounter. It touches on mental instability, matricide, homicide & adultery. While those things appear like normal elements in an urban (fiction) drama, the way Ms. Grant weaves the story of these two meeting innocently in their youth and letting young love development to the fallout from Damien's actions that lead them to their final (?) confrontation leaves you with more than a few "what the fudge?" moments.  As a reader, I also appreciated that the grammatical errors were minimal. Often times in e-books, a rush to release material or the lack of resources causes some work to be released with numerous errors.  This was not the case with this project.

There were a few moments that made me chuckle or gasp.
  • When Damien walked into an empty closet was priceless
  • The scene between Persia and her attorney after their initial meeting moments prior.
  • The ending

  • What happened to Ramsey's child?
  • How did Damien survive his attack?
  • Where has he been? 

Reviewed by KayBee


by KayBee