I Know He's Evil

I Know He’s Evil by Shameek Speight
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There is a single mother killer on the loose and all is not what it seems. This book touched on and then drove home a fear that MANY single mothers fear. And that is bringing someone into your life and your child or children's lives that will bring harm to you. From the plot setup to character development and story execution, the author completed all with a very vivid pen. The scenes were quite vivid and if you know this Author, you know it can be graphic. Even though you knew who the "killer" was early on, the author still did a great job of taking us on the ride to the final reveal and twist. The killer never left any clues and always seemed one step ahead of the police. The story moved along at a moderate pace and kept you engaged enough so as not to lose your interest at any point. I really enjoyed this book. (What does that say about me right? lol ) Single mothers beware.

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Reviewed by KayBee