Author Appreciation Video Series - Day 2 w/ Author Monica Walters


Starting with poetry, writing has always been a constant in Monica's life. The interest began in her teenage years, being in love for the first time. Her love for writing has only progressed. Song lyrics and poetry led to short stories, then one day in her down time, a short story became a full-length novel. It has been non-stop since then. Being a wife and mother, has only added to the joys of Monica's life. Attaining a BS in Sociology, helping her better understand people and their behaviors, has only helped her become a better writer, understanding characters and their complex personalities. Romance of all types has been her passion, and she plans to continue honing her skills in that genre.

Thank you Monica for allowing me the chance to get to you know a little better in an informal setting. Join me for an informal chat with Author Monica Walters. 

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