Author Appreciation Video Series w/ Jeremy Lahar


Houston police officer Jeremy Lahar (author), along with former police officer Steven Baltazar(illustrator), has created the Officer Friendly Book Series by using his background and influence to help combat negative stigmas associated with law enforcement. Interacting with police has been a scary experience for some. While images of police brutality plague the media, children are often impacted. Lahar draws on his experience in education and love of public speaking and community involvement and the engaging illustrations created by Baltazar are hoping readers can connect with Officer Friendly as he takes on scary police officers while using his childhood experiences growing up in Houston's northside community called Studewood to bridge the gap between law enforcement and children from all backgrounds.

I was so engaged in the interview  that I forgot to ask my final question " Are you or do you feel that you are actively living in your purpose?".  

Officer Lahar was gracious enough to respond via email. 

"To answer your question, I don't feel like I'm sitting in my purpose because that could insinuate that I am limited in the ways I am able to maneuver within my purpose. However, I do feel that I am moving on purpose! I am running my race in the lane that God has provided for me. Serving others, mentoring youth, public speaking, leadership, and creativity among others are all aligned with my purpose and are things I am blessed to be able to do on a regular basis! I am always listening and trying to follow what God wants me to do next, but I truly feel that if I continue to work within my purpose and utilize the gifts I was blessed with, the sky is the limit and I will never "work" another day."

Thank you to the author  for making yourself available for an informal chat. Please be sure to get your copy of his debut below. It is a great conversation starter for all families. 

You can connect with the author by visiting Jeremy Lahar and engaging with him on social media.

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