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The Incomplete Artist – Book Information

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·         Genre:  Cozy mystery (set in the future – minor sci-fi components)

·         Print length: 216 pages (49K words)

·         Age range: This is an adult book but suitable for mature teens age 16+

·         Trigger warnings: Violent death

·         Amazon Rating: New book not yet rated.


About The Incomplete Artist

An evening at the art gallery… The clinking of wine glasses… The hopeful thrill of a first date… But someone has murder on their mind!

All that Detective Ashley Westgard wanted was a night off—and maybe a little romance later on. But when a body is discovered during an event with dozens of wealthy art collectors in attendance, her fairy tale dream turns into a nightmare for everyone. Now Ash must put her hopes on hold, flash her police badge, and take control of the crime scene…

This is Book Two of the Ashley Westgard series, but was written as a standalone story.


Praise for The Incomplete Artist


The tone of this story is cerebral and thought-provoking. Ash’s investigation is also a journey through the philosophy of art with characters discussing its history and motivations, its wants and needs, past, present, and future….The work itself has its own magic for Ash, and she kicks the glamour to the curb and gets back to business, which is where the book shines – a character-driven, police procedural in a futuristic society. Extract from Amazon Review



Here’s an entertaining premise that would have delighted Agatha Christie – a murder in a private Art Exhibition with 100 guests: as nicely hermetic as one of her house-party murders, but ten times as many suspects, and a crime scene impossible to secure…Our clever detective, however, is (dare I say it?) rather more attractive than Miss Marples, a lot more sexy and very much less smug…. This well constructed book has all the right components for a cosy mystery, including the pleasure of reading the book twice, to pick up the clues you missed the first time round. Do this – the pleasure is well worth it, and the artists and their art are even more vivid on a second encounter. . Extract from Goodreads Review


About the Author

Philip Wyeth’s writing is imaginative and intense! His fully immersive speculative stories explore what might happen if people actually got everything they say they wanted—politically, technologically, or socially. Relatable characters, polished prose, and outrageous spectacles ensure that readers are entertained along the way, no matter how high-concept the ideas being explored are.

Inspired by such unique writers as Heinrich von Kleist, Ambrose Bierce, Joseph Conrad, and Len Deighton, Wyeth’s explosive novels will resonate with fans of Philip K. Dick, Harry Harrison, Robert Sheckley, George Orwell, Michel Houellebecq, and Neal Stephenson.

His seven novels are featured on his website and include another book in the Ashley Westgard series, Hot Ash and the Oasis Defect. That novel includes rather more sex and murder than the current one and is free both as an e-book on Amazon, and as an audiobook on YouTube.

Also a lifelong fan of heavy metal music and its many sub-genres, Philip strives to infuse his work with comparable levels of independence and larger-than-life visions.

Originally from Northern Virginia, Philip has lived in the Los Angeles area for many years. He’s an entrepreneur, musician, film aficionado, hockey fan, and enjoys playing tennis and golf.



·         @PhilipWyeth (Twitter, BitChute, Gab, and Minds)

·         @PhilipWyethWriter: Instagram and Facebook.