New Release: Back Down Memory Lane by Lamartz Brown

Memories, they say, last for a lifetime… but what if it's only temporary?

Adulting for Berkeley So'Lei Carson started at a young age due to childhood traumas that crippled her ability to grow past her roots. When Berkeley is attacked and loses her memory, she has a chance to plant again. Longing to put her past behind her, she embarks on a journey of self-preservation. Will she harvest the right seeds in this new season of drought and disaster, or will the rain of the past yield results for the future?

Iceland "Ice" Jones's love for planes made intersecting runways a no brainer... Until his flight landed on an island fueled by the wildfires and desires of his soulmate, Berkeley So'Lei Carson. A catastrophe separated their soul tie, leaving behind the distant memories of a true soul connection. Will Iceland fight to rebuild what once brought them together, or will he leave the wasteland never to return?

Iceland and Berkeley travel up and down, faster than the speed of sound, Back Down Memory Lane. Both realizing that what once was, will always be, even if it's forgotten in the moment.


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Lamartz Brown

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