Cover Reveal! Kimberly Brown, Author

Cover Reveal!

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Rhythm Baker is a successful occupational therapist who has been in a long-term relationship with a famous rapper known as Prince Cole for three years. Despite moving across the country to support his career and their relationship, Rhythm has grown increasingly uncomfortable with Raheem's inappropriate behavior and inflated ego. Feeling disrespected, unappreciated, and unheard, she moves out of the home they share, ending their relationship. Despite his recent moves, Raheem isn't willing to let her go so easily.

Channing Watson, a renowned music producer, meets Rhythm by chance at her therapy center. Unaware of each other's connection to Raheem, they share an instant attraction and eventually have a passionate one-night stand. As Rhythm and Channing continue to cross paths, their chemistry becomes undeniable, and they begin to develop feelings for one another. However, their budding romance is complicated by the revelation that Channing is Raheem's producer, and Rhythm is Raheem's ex-girlfriend.

Despite the initial messiness of their situation, Rhythm and Channing's connection deepens as they navigate the challenges posed by Raheem's inability to let go or do right. The more he acts up, the closer Rhythm grows to Channing. She's ready to move on and be happy, but will the solace she finds in his presence be ruined once their relationship comes to the light?

Have You Read My First Traditional Book?

Pascha St. Claire has nothing to live for.

After five years, her once-loving husband, Raymond, decides to end their marriage. He's unable to deal with her mental health, significant weight gain, or the idea that she cannot seem to birth him a child. She returns home one night to find her belongings on the curb and the locks to her home changed. Her pleading falls on deaf ears as Raymond has made the decision to end their marriage. With no other option, Pascha is forced to leave and never look back.

When Callum Ellis accepted the reservation for his car service, the last thing he expected was to pick up a beautiful, weeping stranger. His heart goes out to her as he drops her off at a hotel. After discovering her credit cards have been canceled, Callum swoops in to pay for her stay. Though she wants to protest, Pascha realizes she is in no position to decline the stranger's generous offer.

Months roll by and Callum is still unable to get Pascha out of his head. A chance encounter finally lands him in her presence, and Callum is determined to make the most of it. Though she initially declines his interest, Pascha soon finds herself intrigued by the once-kind stranger. Fear has her recoiling at his advances, but men like Callum come to restore. Will Pascha continue to avoid the inevitable, or does she find the courage to love again?

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