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Animal by Alan Fishbone showcases the 

virtues of contemporary male fiction


Publisher announces the release of a novel-in-stories that sets a new standard for candor, stylishness, and courage


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- May 1, 2024 -- Heresy Press announces the launch of Animal: Notes from a Labyrinth, a series of startling narratives artfully stitched together to form a magical carpet alive with passion, ecstasy, despair, and the longing for human connection. A slim, fierce book—coming in at 124 pages—Animal is a full-blooded work of autofiction that pulls no punches. Fishbone's stories—loosely patterned on Roman poet Catullus's fragments—delve into the twilight zone of New York's shady bars and cocaine dens, explore a German expressionist painter's troubled soul, describe a latter-day "hunger artist" bent on self-exorcism, explore the tangled lives of sex workers at the margins of society, and link our contemporary political, social, and personal fixations with the desires and hang-ups of Romans like Horace and Petronius. A work both outrageous and wise, Animal relentlessly probes the human condition in all its glorious and wretched complexity.


Advance Praise:

"A devilish double pour of modern grit and love of antiquity, Alan Fishbone's Animal is honest, fearless, and stunningly inventive." —Daniel Magariel


 "Toggling between erudition and sexual fetishes and violence, the narrative is hard to stomach, beautiful, forgiving, and tender in equal measure, much the same way as looking in a mirror is liable to feel. Fishbone's work is courageous, curious, and experimental." —U.S. Review of Books

Heresy Press Promotes Outspoken Voices to Meet the Demand of Today's Robust Readers 


Heresy Press was founded in 2023 with support from Joyce Carol Oates, Steven Pinker, Nadine Strossen, and other notable writers and public intellectuals as an initiative to counter the malaise of timidity, undeclared censorship, and identity-essentialism that currently dogs mainstream publishing. Heresy Press publishes outspoken authors of all backgrounds, requiring only that their work demonstrate literary excellence. 


"The readers we aim to reach are not frail creatures in need of protection from potentially discomfiting experiences but resilient, curious, and adventurous individuals," said Bernard Schweizer, Founder & Director of Heresy Press. "Animal by Alan Fishbone shows that the best works of fiction are those that are searingly honest, boldly transgressive, and fully committed to exploring the human condition without political agendas."


Animal: Notes from A Labyrinth is the latest publication from Heresy Press. Nothing Sacred: Outspoken Voices in Contemporary Fiction, a compilation of spellbinding short stories, was the press's first book, followed by DeadpanRichard Walter's searing satire of bigotry and intolerance; more recently, The Hermit by Katerina Grishakova presents the story of a Wall Street banker who flirts with career suicide to save his soul.

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