His Battle, Her Love

His Battle, Her LoveHis Battle, Her Love by Star Singletary
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

D'Mac Robert's is battling between the love of his life and his career. Being a sex doctor isn't easy when you're in love with someone. We don't all plan to fall in love it just happens. Sometimes our careers get in the way of what could be true love. Will D'Mac choose to love or his career?

The story was about D'Mac, the sex doc/weed man, and Rose, a flower shop/bookstore owner. The two cross each other's paths early on in the story. Unfortunately for D'Mac, Rose's friends are aware of his ample "assets". Building a relationship will take all of D'Mac, romantic and intellectual prowess. I liked that this was not an instant-love romance and that both characters were professional individuals. I would have liked the story to flow better. The passages were difficult to read at times as they had a tendency to come across a bit sophomoric, which led to a lack of chemistry between the primaries & proper character development. I would love to see this novel get a good developmental "scrub" and be re-released. This novel is for lovers of relatable adult romance.  You can get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review. 

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