Tell Him Series

Tell Him, Tell Him Too & Tell Her by Deneen A. Connor
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Sky Carrington was physically, mentally and spiritually tired of being single. She wanted a man - the right man. Skky didn't want or need a man to complete her life, she wanted a man to enhance it. Sure, there were plenty of single men out there but after her encounters with Tenderoni, 48hrs, Mr. Busy, and online dating, Sky was at her wits end with finding the 'right man'. She tried to keep the faith but who knew finding him would be so difficult. 

When all hope was lost and gone, Channing entered Skky's life. He showed her how a woman should be treated - with love and affection. There was no doubt in Sky's mind that Channing was the one for her. However, she was finding it difficult to transition from single life to being in a relationship. If Sky doesn't change her single ways .. she is going to lose the best thing that has ever happened to her.


Sky Carrington, over the carousel of dating,  finds her love in Channing. The author did a good job of developing the characterS and making them interesting. Sky was one character that I quite honestly wanted to strangle at times over the course of this series. While she wanted to find love, she also was afraid of the commitment that comes with an exclusive relationship. I was thinking "See this is why they say women are difficult to figure out." lol So, my hats off to Connor for eliciting a few strong emotions from this reader with this character. The co-protagonists were multi-dimensional and well-written.
 The story moved well and the situations were humorous and relatable. I had a few "laugh out loud" moments.  The author does a good job of pulling me into this tale that went from a duo to a trio with the reemergence of an ex, Devaughn. There were a few lulls and yes the plot was a bit predictable, but I enjoyed the journey of Sky and Channing meeting, as well as, how they were forced to deal with due in large part to Sky herself. Can we say that Jazmine Sullivan's song at the end of the second book?  However, my favorite book in the series was the finale. We got to explore this story from Channing's perspective. The author never lost her stride as we watch him struggle with the betrayal and attempt to move on from yet another situation his beloved Sky engineered. The series was well-structured and flowed well with relatable content and situations.

I think romance readers will enjoy this series for its humor and will continue it for its genuine feel. You can get your copy of the series here and support the author by leaving a review.

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