The Day She Tried To Leave: A Domestic Violence Novel Series

The Day She Tried To Leave: A Domestic Violence Novel The Day She Tried To Leave: A Domestic Violence Novel by Shelli Marie & Lady Lissa
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Loving a man is hard, but loving an abusive man is definitely a challenge. Somehow, even though an abusive man gives off several warning signs that you should stay away, you can't. That's the situation that Gina finds herself in when she meets Sameer.Even though Sameer seemed to have issues with his temper and her sister Nina warned her about him, Gina can't help but be drawn to the handsome stranger. From the moment they locked eyes, they were attracted to each other, but once Gina decided to give herself to Sameer she was all in. It doesn't take long for Sameer to start exhibiting violence towards Gina, but she still takes up for him. She claims it was an accident and he didn't mean to do it. But what happens when the truth finally catches up to her and she realizes he meant everything he did. Will she be able to get away from him in time or will it be too late?Nina is Gina's twin sister who has her concerns when it comes to Sameer. Her warnings to her sister fall on deaf ears as Gina falls more and more for Sameer. But as much as Nina wants to step in save her sister, she finds herself dealing with her own issues at home. When she and her husband Brock get into and Nina lashes out, she must face her own demons that she's kept hidden for a long time. 

This story was interesting in the fact that Sameer was set on a path that would result in nothing more than death. The story progressed well and had the only ending that it could have. The characters were developed enough to aid in my understanding of the author's message. While there was not a lot of movement that happened, I think this story of domestic violence will resonate with some. There was one question that was never answered and that was what was Brock's secret?

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