Haunted Hearts: A Halloween Novelette

Haunted Hearts: A Halloween Novelette Haunted Hearts: A Halloween Novelette by T. Key
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It was a new beginning for Shanique and Wayne Miles. After being married for two years, Wayne receives a job offer in Knoxville, Tennessee. He took the offer and with that came Shanique’s new dream home. An old Victorian house that came with attachments unknown to them. 
Jimmy Miller had lived in that house his whole life. He experienced some of his best and worst times in that house. He was bound to it in a way that was beyond his control. Because of that, he wanted no one to occupy the space and did everything in his power to keep people out. Until he met Shanique. Watching her and Wayne, he discovers something that could get him closer to his new obsession. Being able to go unseen, he learns of the things hidden in the dark. 
The life that Shanique and Wayne lived slowly starts to change as they try to get comfortable in their new space. Secrets are revealed from the dark corners of hearts haunted by their own sin. 

This was a fantastic short novel. The characters were interesting. Jimmy's backstory was sad and interesting. The story was developed and well organized. Granted you knew who or what Jimmy was, it was still an entertaining ride to the end. I liked his big reveal, as well as, the confrontation between Wayne and Shanique.  You can get your copy here and don't forget to leave a review.

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