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Genre: Memoir    Pages: 293   Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Jessica Hardy grew up in a small mid-South town as the oldest of five children. From her earliest memory, she chaffed at the strict religious beliefs of her parents. College and the people she met there opened her eyes to the greater world and she embraced it with her whole being. But that wasn’t the answer she sought. Only the freedom that came in her relationship with Parker Grant satisfied her need to feel autonomous. But then it didn’t.

Like many women coming of age in the late 1960s, Jessica hardly understood the forces that drove her. Powerless to deny her instinctive quest for independence, she would soon suffer the guilt and social condemnation that befell so many young women as they forged a new path of liberation. Her determination to share her shocking and painful story speaks to her hope for current and future generations of women.

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 Liz Ashworth has a lifetime of stories to tell but in the case of her friend Jessica Hardy, she set aside time to help get this compelling story told. Writing your own story is never easy especially fifty years after the fact, but Jessica had memories, diaries, and letters to help pull her memoir together. Liz’ background as an English teacher and editor are part of her profession as  writer, but it’s her emotional investment in her characters that bring her work to life.
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