You Had Him, I Bagged Him

You Had Him, I Bagged Him You Had Him, I Bagged Him by Dymond Taylor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Stronger in numbers, the Stone family has always been. Early on CaBrea, and her brother, LaKev, got a dose of what it was like to struggle. They went from a home in the suburbs to the projects, behind their stepfather’s illegal activities. As a result, he went off to prison, leaving their mother to pick up the pieces of their life. Never one to complain, they accepted their new circumstances and learned to adapt. LaKev and CaBrea both, had to fight along the way, being they were newcomers to the neighborhood. However, they adapted. That was made easier with their mother in their corner, every step of the way.
Fast forward seven years, and their stepfather is released from prison and back home. They return to being one big happy family. Or so they thought. One thing is unknown—Daddy is keeping a secret. One that LaKev soon finds out about. It costs him and his family everything, sending everybody’s life spiraling in opposite directions.
CaBrea runs into the last man on earth she should’ve crossed paths with. She thought she struck gold running into the sexy and hood, love doctor, Denih. But, he’s anything but gold. Denih is arrogant, self-centered and most importantly, paid. With money comes women, and Denih has plenty. They’ve all had him in more ways than one. But will CaBrea be the one to bag him? 

I think the story moved well. It opened strong and pulled me at the beginning, lost me in the middle and pulled me in at the end. I was a bit confused as to when the dad came home.The most interesting storyline was relegated to the back burner and didn't make an appearance until the ending, a cliffhanger. The positive is that it set the sequel up to be intense and entertaining. I unfortunately could not connect with the Cabrea and Denih storyline. They didn't have any chemistry. Again, there ending could turn into something interesting in the sequel. Provided the characters are developed and the author uses the the potential drama in a way that will keep you on your toes, the sequel will be a good addition to her collection.