Hood Luvin' From a White Boy Series

Hood Luvin' From a White Boy Hood Luvin' From a White Boy by Sha Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s no feeling better than being treated like a queen and having your sexual desires fulfilled by a black man. However, when Javo, a sexy, charismatic white man with the swag to match enters the scene, he becomes every woman’s fantasy.

After being abandoned in a dumpster in the hood like trash at just two weeks old, a black family finds him and raises him. Growing up in the black community, Javo naturally develops a swag that attracts black women. When he meets Mahogany, a beautiful, dark-skinned woman who has no interest in dating outside of her race, he turns on his charm and makes her second guess her preference.

Being dark-skinned, Mahogany has always felt that she wasn’t good enough, especially after facing betrayal over and over again from the black men whom she'd always put on a high pedestal. All of her thoughts and feelings began to change when Javo comes into her life and is blown away by her beautiful, melanin skin.


This four book series that I consumed over a weekend was entertaining. I was interested to see how this interracial romance would play out. It is not always easy with a character like Javo to make him believable and have him integrated into his adopted culture properly. However, this author did a good job of creating a believable character. His "adoption" bordered the fine line between real and unreal. Real because kids are left the way he was everyday. Unreal because of how easily he was found. Mahagony's & Javo's exes were the perfect villains for a moment. However, Javo's parents were the ultimate villains. I enjoyed each scene with them. The author delivered a well-written story that flowed well. If you want something other than the typical "dope boy" and "bad girl, I think you will enjoy this series. Get your copy of book 1 below to get started and don't forget to leave a review in support of the author.

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