Lucy Kendall Books 1 & 2

See Them Run Lucy Kendall Series by Stacy Green
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After savvy undercover work leads her to an underground sex trafficking ring, Lucy is hell bent on bringing the operation down. But when her best lead is found dead, Lucy becomes the prime suspect in a murder she didn’t commit—and finds herself on the run.

As she races against the clock to find the real killer, Lucy struggles to control the growing darkness within her. Is a monster from the past Lucy’s worst enemy, or will the blossoming evil in her own heart be her ultimate destruction?

                        BOOK REVIEW

Book 1 -The story was interesting from the on-set.  It held just enough suspense and graphic material to keep you interested,  but not repulsed completely. The characters were interesting , the pace was moderate and the audio production was done well. This narrator does a good job bringing Lucy, Chris and the cast to life.

Book 2-This dark thriller is book two in the Lucy Kendall series.  Like book 1, I was drawn in early on. The author does a good job of creating tension as Lucy searches for the person or persons behind a local sex trafficking ring using the names of historical names. The pace was steady and flowed well. The inner monologues.  if you are not used to them,  will be a bit much. You'll want to tell Lucy to get on with it already. I love that Lucy is starting to realize something that she has tried to deny and that's that she enjoys her "work" and how she deals with the perpetrators. How fantastic was it to see Mother's role in this book. Book three could be explosive.

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