Something About Them Dope Boys

Something About Them Dope Boys Something About Them Dope Boys by Dymond
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Being the wife of a prestigious prosecutor and coming from her own line of family success, Miracle Monae Johnson believes she’s hit the jackpot when she marries her husband, Samuel.

Miracle married for love, placing her heart in Samuel’s hand, but Samuel will go straight to the bank and cash it if she isn’t careful.

Loving the wrong man has turned Miracle’s life upside down, placing her life in immediate danger, until she meets the one who will save her from it all, Que.
Que is one of the most dangerous dopeboys in the game, but once he falls for Miracle, he goes to never let her go, and he wouldn’t dare let anyone stand in his way—not even Samuel, who Que soon finds out is more like him than either he or Miracle could have ever thought before

This was an okay read. I'm not quite sure why I could not get into the story. I remember thinking this could be good, but it's missing something. Individually, I liked the characters, but together they didn't have chemistry to me. There were a few structural issues that disrupted the flow, but I think the drama will keep some engaged enough that they won't be an issue. I think if you want a quick drama filled read, you will enjoy this one.

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