Fuck Boy: Jaded Gems Vol 1

Fuck Boy: Jaded Gems Vol 1
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Fuck Boy: Jaded Gems Vol 1 by Solomon Hillfleet
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Fuckboy. A term used to describe a man whose dealings with women is far from respectable. For Solomon Hillfleet, it became more than just that. It became a way of life. In the book, Hillfleet takes us through the mind of a fuckboy using accounts from his own experiences dating and those of his close friends. Starting with friendship and ending with love, the memoirs use each experience to provide gems of knowledge for the reader and helps them to understand the mindset of a misunderstood group. Gripping and unapologetic, it is an honest look at the relationship dynamics of the 21st century. The culture of online dating, ghosting, and other elements are examined. It forces the reader to answer the questions: What is a fuckboy? Am I one? And if so is it my fault? Beginning at 18 and leading up until 30, Hillfleet examines the male psyche and tackles topics such as toxic masculinity, self-worth, misogyny and eventually self-love.

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"I wrote to free myself" Solomon H.

This is in a sense a coming of age story without the fiction aspect. I don't normally review nonfiction, but this was a request. I think that Solomon was transparent in the delivery of his dating experiences and his point of view of the relationships with the women. To my understanding, this was not the exploits of an "F" Boy, but of a young man simply finding his way. I think the purpose was clearly outlined well and the content was relevant and plentiful. As this was from the male perspective, you didn't get an honest look at the women who played a part in his growth. However, it worked. There were issues with editing, formatting, and flow. Some of the passages came across a built stilted. All in all, I would recommend this cautionary tale to anyone wanting an honest look at dating in today's culture when you're unsure of who you are and what direction you are going. 
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