Never Should've Let You Go 2: A Hood Love Story

Never Should've Let You Go 2: A Hood Love StoryNever Should've Let You Go 2: A Hood Love Story by Elle Kayson
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Reality-TV star Nahla Sullivan was willing to put it all on the line to prove her love to super-producer Zion Brown. Yet, once the obvious obstacles are out of the way, the couple finds that being together won’t be as easy as they’d hoped—especially not with an unexpected enemy determined to destroy what they’re trying to build. A web of lies and secrets, spun around them in the past, threatens their future.
Nahla’s co-star Zanaida Brooks was done with security expert Wraith Ford. Seriously. Done. Until the dark chocolate dream of a man insisted on inserting himself in her life at every opportunity. Just when Zanaida decides she might have to give their relationship another chance, Wraith crosses a line she had clearly drawn. Wraith refuses to apologize for doing what he felt he had to do to keep her safe. Zanaida would just have to get past her trust issues to see things from his perspective. But… can she?

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 Elle's Kinsey's and friends Universe is one that I can never tire of reading. From What an Heiress Wants to Loving a Cold-Hearted Savage to The Beauty of This Street Love and now Never Should've Let You Go. I love the character crossover. I love the world she's structured as if this her own Starz series and subsequent spinoffs a la Power. Great content, high drama, steamy mouthwatering sex, well structured and highly engaging characters. Hats off to you Ell Kayson. I look forward to Xay and Young's story. Please secure your copy and support the author by leaving a review.  
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