House In Virginia

House In Virginia by Tsu Surf
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Meet Karen Dunlap and Jovan “Jo” Saint: a young, loving couple living the way that many in their mid-twenties are in hoods of New Jersey. Karen is working a minimum wage job, while Jo hustles on the block with his right-hand, Pop. For the five years that Jo and Karen have been together, Karen has been by Jo’s side no matter his struggle because she sees and believes in her man’s potential. Yet, Karen cannot deny that she wants more, to leave the hood, and live a comfortable life of ease. Jo is desperate to come up in the game, not only for his own comfort but for Karen as well. However, before Jo has the chance to sweep his woman off of her feet, a boss, Kway, easily gains Karen’s attention with the glitz and glam of his lifestyle. However, everything that glitters isn’t gold, and Kway is a dull and ugly, cancerous individual that affects the lives of every woman he touches with his negligence and deceit.

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I never ever want a House In Virginia. Why do you ask? Because I will not be able to "unload" it. Que the holder of said "house" allowed people indiscriminately to experience his "house". The story moved rather quickly and had a nice level of suspense even though you knew what was going to happen. I enjoyed the narrator and audio production with the exception of the songs playing in between the chapters. They would completely pull me out of the story and by the 3rd instance, I was completely annoyed by it. Please be sure to secure your copy and support the author by leaving a review.

Update -
I read the sequel on September 22, 2020.  It was okay. The story continued on with the aftermath of  Karen learning about the results of her indiscretion with Kway. There were moments of treachery and betrayal, but all "loose ends" were tied up in a nice boy in the end. 
I found myself skimming the inner monologues as they were repetitive. I was not as engaged with this installment as I was with book 1, but I am glad that I got to find out the resolutions to this reckless cast of characters.  This is a 2.5 rolled to a 3 because the author did provide some education around HIV and dispelled a few myths.

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