Ballast Point Breakdown

Ballast Point Breakdown Ballast Point Breakdown 
by Corey Lynn Fayman

The fourth novel in the Rolly Waters mystery series.

On a cool winter evening, a speedboat hurtles across San Diego Bay and crashes into the Admiral's Club where a farewell party for the Navy's top-secret Dolphin Divers program is underway. As guests flee the ensuing fire, a woman named Janis Withers crawls from the inferno and screams her last words - Arion has returned!

Guitar-playing private detective Rolly Waters finds himself pulled into the case when he connects Janis to a pair of dog tags left behind by Butch Fleetwood, a member of the Dolphin Divers who disappeared during a training exercise twenty years earlier.

While fending off the FBI and local police, Rolly uncovers tantalizing connections between Fleetwood, a crusading journalist, a celebrity artist, a punk rock singer, a radical animal-rights organization, and the dead woman's own dysfunctional family. As he races against the authorities to uncover Arion's true identity, Rolly's investigation begins to reverberate with his own painful history. His search for the truth leads to him to a ruined casino on a deserted Mexican island where shocking secrets are unleashed in a ruthless showdown between tormented and tormentors       

                                                        Book Review
This is my first Rolly Waters adventure and now I must go download the first 3!  This story is about dolphins, murder and tons of action.  There are a handful of suspects and each one is a distraction from the real culprit.  It opens in the admiral's ballroom where a party with military personnel is underway.  A boat comes crashing in and a solitary woman kills herself in front of plenty of people, including her parents.  What made her do that?  In comes Rolly Waters, musician and private detective.  He is approached by Melody, a close friend of Janis, the woman who killed herself.  She wants him to investigate. This opens a slew of doors full of mystery and intrigue which involves, of all things, dolphins!  I mean, seriously???  I loved it!  You won't believe the roads this story takes you down, just when you think you've figured it all out, you haven't!  I thoroughly enjoyed this one and look forward to the rest! Get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review.

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