Next Lifetime

Next Lifetime Next Lifetime 
by Monica Walters

Nelsondra Allison Garrett is the picture-perfect wife and mother. So much so, until she often neglects taking care of herself. Her husband and children mean everything to her, so she makes sure everything is moving smoothly. Until… She’s rocked with news about her health and can no longer be there be-all. But she finds that when she needs support, she rarely gets it, putting a strain on her marriage. Her children are young, and they help as much as they physically can, but she longs for her husband’s affection and tenderness. Having to cope with her illness on her own and deal with her husband’s stubbornness and thoughtless actions is pushing Nel to her breaking point.

Easton Bridges has been searching for the woman that he can put on a pedestal and love for life. After a day of scrolling social media, he runs across a profile for someone that used to be his best friend. Nelsondra Allison. While they hadn’t talked in years, he’d missed her. Although they were friends in high school, he’d secretly wanted more. He initiates contact, hoping that she would give him her time… even if it’s only to rekindle their friendship. Seeing that she’s married, he realizes that he’d missed his opportunity. But when he sees her out with her family, he knows that he has to rescue her.

This situation isn’t an easy one for Nelsondra, despite Easton’s suggestion that it should be. Making changes in her life will come at a cost, but to who? Easton is determined to be there for her no matter what she chooses to do, if only he could convince her to let him

                                                             Book Review
Nelly and Broderick were married and content or so it seemed until she was diagnosed with a little known illness. Two years later and they were no longer moving in the same direction. Enter or re-enter Easton. He was her former best friend and her the man waiting and wanting to make her the center of his world.
This was a book that enlightened me on the neuropathy and its debilitating effects on the sufferer's life. I think Broderick's character was a realistic look at how some handle or don't handle an ill partner, especially when they are no longer in tune with one another or they have always been the taker in the relationship. I think for some this story will pull on the emotional strings and feeling empathy for those featured, especially the children. There was a bit of repetition as I felt that some of the passages were the same as the previous passages. However, that could have been purposefully done to showcase the redundant conversations that Nelly felt she had with her husband. All in all, this was an easy, well-structured read.
I would recommend this story to anyone wanting realism with a hint of romance.  You can get your copy by clicking here and support the author by leaving a review.

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