Black Girl Lost

Black Girl Lost Black Girl Lost by Demetria Poole

SynopsisIf someone would've told, me I would be madly in love with a 24-year-old King Pin. I wouldn't believe it. Blessed with a beautiful face and banging body, I was on a get-rich quick scheme. At 16, the path I was traveling was a fast road to nowhere, and Dre was the driver of my destruction. I was on a different plane to a different state or country to sleep with a different person every night. The money was pouring in like rain, and the drugs I would use to ease the pain were now just a thought in my head.To think, I dragged my best friends in this unforgiving world of crime was eating me up inside. Matchmaking gone wrong landed me at the bedside of one of the girls I loved most; praying for God to save her life.

Book Review - The story delved into the life of  Shari Parks aka Chocolate and her journey into early adulthood. She had an unstable upbringing which led to her making unwise decisions during her critical teenage years.  Unfortunately, her friends didn't fare much better as they grew older and all three experienced some serious life lessons.
The author spent the first 75% setting the stage for the drama that the sequel promises to deliver. She was very detailed in taking us from elementary to Shari's high school years and all of the circumstances that shaped her way of thinking and who she would ultimately grow to be. The story moved at a moderate pace and with a developed plot and characters.   Granted I didn't need to know every single thing that occurred to her as a child, but I am assuming these details will become necessary and apparent in the sequel. I did have an issue at times with understanding which character was speaking at times, but other than that no real issues when it came to flow or structure. I will also say that this particular story was geared toward young adults/late teens. I am definitely not in that demographic, but can appreciate the premise and that this story may appeal to young adult readers. You can get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review.