Snow White and the Savage

Snow White and the Savage Snow White and the Savage 
by Fatima Munroe

SynopsisA pretty girl, seven savages, a jealous stepmother and a king…does their story end in happily ever after
Cary Muhammed was a daddy’s girl, Miami’s most pampered princess. In the blink of an eye, a late-night tragedy snatches not only her fabulous life but the one man who loved her more than anything, leaving her with a stepmother who would stop at nothing to make Cary’s life a living hell.
Every king needs a queen. Leonidas Payano, also known as King, was next in line for the trap throne in Miami. Growing up, he’d heard stories about how he and Cary would rule the streets together, but when that time came his queen was nowhere to be found. Years of dead ends and closed mouths later, Cary was found in Meridian, Mississippi.
King’s seven savages are the goons at Cary’s disposal once she touched back down in the city. Yenni, Bash, Jaden, Duval, Killa, Santiago and Benny bust pistols at the drop of a dime on the queen’s command. Who would’ve thought the queen would find herself infatuated with one of her own? But that’s exactly what happens when Cary laid eyes on Benny. How does Leonidas take the news, knowing she had his heart since they were kids?
Complicated is an understatement when Cary comes face to face with her past, bumping into her stepmother at the last place she should have ever been. When the truth is revealed about her motives, Cary is left questioning everyone in her orbit. Does she revert back to her old ways? Or does she stay bossed up and get her revenge against everyone who orchestrated her father’s demise?

Book Review - The story was an interesting take on the classic Snow White tale. Our urban Snow White definitely had a wicked stepmother and 7 loyal followers at her service.  But our Snow White aka Cary was not so innocent or sheltered.  Munroe did a good job of modernizing the tale and giving the reader a detailed backstory on our co-protagonists. I think the story moved well and was moderately paced. The characters were interesting as was the story itself. 
However, I did have a few issues with the story.  I would have liked some chemistry between the "Queen" and "King".  Their "love affair" came across a bit forced. It makes sense that she could be swayed by another. I would have also liked the transition from pauper to Queen to be a bit more smooth. Yes, she had a very rough upbringing, but that upbringing didn't involve torture and dismemberment. I think the villain or villains were well written. The twist with the father was fantastic.  Granted it was unbelievable that the stepmother escaped twice unscathed, but it made for an interesting read. At any rate, this was an okay read for me. I would like to know how things pan out for the two because I hate not knowing the ending of a story. Plus, I want to know which Savage she chooses. I will be reading part two. You can get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review.