Enemies No More: An Enemies to Lovers Standalone

Enemies No More: An Enemies to Lovers Standalone Enemies No More: An Enemies to Lovers Standalone by Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson



She's the illusive part of a dream.

Blink and wonder if she's real. Can beauty be that vivid? Can a mind be that sharp? A mouth that bold?

She's everything I've ever been denied.

She's everything I'm too afraid to say I want.

She's here. Panther eyes. Hands-on mine. In mine.

On me.

She's better than a dream.

Because she'll stay

If I give it all up.


He's the man I liked too much to pity and wanted too much to ignore

A harp played, a woman moaned her agonies and luxuries into a microphone and

He had chocolate and Scotch in his hands when I told him I wanted him

It was better than I imagined.

He wants to hide us and everything we've become.

Family, money, occupations, and career paths.

There's too much at stake, he says.

I am supposed to be his lifelong enemy. Not this.

But I am me, and I am his

Sacrifices will have to be made.

Book Review -  Two opposing counsels finally stop fighting the attraction and indulge in each other. This was an interesting read. I came away feeling perplexed.  On the one hand, I love that both were professionals. The heroine was strong. She knew what she wanted and went for it. I like that the author touched on the topics of familial "acceptance" as it relates to one's place in a family and a topic that unfortunately is still very prevalent in the black community- colorism.

I think the characters were developed. I think the plot was interesting. However, I think the story's flow was disrupted by the odd dialogue. It was/is reminiscent of an ABC drama where the characters never quite speak a full sentence and yet thanks to the benefit of being able to see their expressions and body language the viewer knows exactly what the character meant to convey. Unfortunately, it is a bit more difficult to do that when writing. Readers need that extra time taken to fill us in. This delivery couple with the editing issues made it difficult for me to connect with the characters and story as a whole. There were several instances where there was a hyphen inserted in the place of a word of a letter.   I would have also liked some romance and chemistry between the two primaries.  

So, I'm on the fence about this one. I liked the message of love.  I liked that Angelique pushed Derrick to grow to want to be better and do better. But this felt more like a friendship than a romance.  You get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review. 

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