Coming For What's Mine Series

Coming For What's Mine Coming For What's Mine by Edwina Fort

You think you know how the game is played. You have no idea…

In my world the Gansta’s on the street are feared. I had no way of knowing that once I accepted a Botany Scholarship at Georgetown University I was going to be unwittingly thrown into the savage biosphere of politics. I’ve come to learn that here in D.C., the politicians are the real gansta’s, and that they are far deadlier than anything we common folk could ever imagine.
However, I would soon find out just how dangerous the political milieu can be. It is a place of glamour, lies, and power. Trust the wrong person, and you can end up dead.
I gave into the Senator’s son one night, allowing him to take what I had never gifted to another. It was the single most amazing thing I would ever experience.
But that one night of unbridled passion would send my life spiraling into uncharted territory. The fruit of which I carried in my womb while fleeing to protect my unborn child…

I knew she was to innocent to be pulled into my world. A world that was more treacherous than a pit of vipers. However, I could no sooner quiet my hunger for her, then I could the roar of an oncoming tornado.
She gave me my taste, and I found my new addiction. But then she fled from me and became my new obsession.
Now, nothing will stop me from, Coming for What’s Mine…

Book Review - This series was interesting. A shy bohemian girl falls for a "politician". Here's what I liked. The male protagonist and the brother of the female protagonist. They had great chemistry. I liked Albert. He was an interesting character. They were well written. Their scenes together were intense, funny, action-filled, and flowed naturally. I loved the plot. A race of superhuman beings "raised" by the government and as their past is revealed the action ensues. Romeo was also an amazing character. I loved him as well. This story was true to its genre. However, I struggled with book 1, but found pleasure in book 2. What didn't work was the female protagonist as she was written. She was uninteresting. There was no romantic chemistry where she was involved, unfortunately. Parts of the story came across as a bit confusing. 
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