The Take Over

The Take Over The Take Over by JT Leath

Synopsis This is a story about the street game, and how he who holds the rank has all the power. Two teenage boys K-Dog and Killa, the brains and the muscles, weren’t anything to be messed with within the streets. They started on a mission to build an empire and take over the streets from city to city. They came up off a play by killing an OG named Pimp, the King of the City, and began their reign. But, will these youngsters end up on top or will they come up short like everyone else? 

Book Review -The two friends worked together like a well-oiled machine. They took their ill-gotten gains and made an empire for themselves. Along the way, they had to deal with betrayal and revenge from an unknown enemy.  I think the premise was essentially a solid one if executed right. The story had a strong start, but it seemed to lose its way as it became increasingly harder to follow the line of thought for each character. There were multiple errors (missing words, incorrect word usage, etc. ) and they (the errors) had nothing to do with the regional slang used.  I think if the editing had continued the story would have flowed much better and been easier to follow. 
That being said, I am definitely going to read the sequel as the ending was exciting. You can get your copy by clicking the image below and supporting the author by leaving a review.