No Way Out: Memoirs of a Hustla's Girl Series

No Way Out: Memoirs of a Hustla's Girl No Way Out: Memoirs of a Hustla's Girl by Latoya Nicole

SynopsisGrowing up on the mean streets of Chicago Tank wants nothing more than to leave the ghetto that has caused her so much pain and despair. Drugs and the street life is all she knows. But she soon starts to realize she doesn't want that life anymore. If she stays in the only city she knows more than likely she will end up dead. So she decides that it is time to move on to another city and another life. But as the time reaches near for her to leave she is faced with an abusive cheating boyfriend, backstabbing friends, and a lying side piece. Tank is now stuck with the decision of leaving the place that caused her so much hurt or seeking revenge to only find that no matter how much a girl from the hood wants change there is.

Book Review
I found this series because of the Love & War Series. It moved fairly well and delivered a good amount of drama. I was not as invested in the characters as I hoped I would be. The men were extremely volatile and everyone beat on women like they were brushing their teeth. I kept thinking if Tank gets hit in the head or body-slammed one more time she's going to be paralyzed or suffer serious brain damage. This was just okay for me. I am going to read Gangsters Paradies, Phantoms story, and then the follow up the Havoc series. What I do like is the little world that the author has created. 

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