Secrets Among Friends

Secrets Among Friends Secrets Among Friends by Octavia Grant
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Isaiah ‘Zay’ Jeffries has the life that most people crave. A loving fiancĂ©e, two wonderful children, as well as his own lucrative career. Sadly, having it all is sometimes never enough. When his relationship hits a rough patch, his beautiful secretary Zorelle seems to be the only person that can fulfill his needs. But everything that looks good isn’t good for you. Isaiah had no idea that entertaining Zorelle would cause a major downfall in his life

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This writer hits us with what she does best, a quick and dirty novella. I can always count on her to have my jaw on the floor with a handful of "Oh no, he/she didn't!" moments.

This story was no different. While Isiah was performing the ultimate betrayal, his wife was not sitting back twiddling her thumbs. The betrayal hit hard as did the retribution from his wife.

The characters and storyline were developed enough for a complete novella. The story moved swiftly and kept me engaged from page one.

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