Side Piece: Stalked by My Best Friend's Man

Side Piece: Stalked by My Best Friend's Man Side Piece: Stalked by My Best Friend's Man by Keisha
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

LaShelle, a long-time mistress of Deshawn has made up her mind that she is no longer content being his "side-piece". Now, will he make it easy for her is the question.

This book said a lot without saying anything at all. It was filled with huge lulls and was unnecessarily wordy. There was no chemistry between any of the characters in this disjointed story. This book had so many things thrown in that you couldn't digest one before the next occurred. This for me felt like more of a story about an indecisive woman than a stalker. The stalker was treated like an afterthought. I won't mention the odd cliffhanger in book 1. Unfortunately, book 2 did not fare much better. 

The author chose to continue with a chaotic, disjointed writing style which held numerous grammatical errors and was simply poorly executed.  The characters were underdeveloped and you could not connect with any, because they changed at the drop of a hat. The story just didn't make sense and I think it was just a case of the author losing control of the storyline and not quite knowing how to pull it back together.

This story was one that had potential, but that potential was lost in translation.


by KayBee