Bad Girls Love Trap N*ggas

Bad Girls Love Trap N*ggas Bad Girls Love Trap N*ggas by Taniece
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Mahari was dealt a bad hand ever since she was nine years old when she witnessed her mother’s gruesome murder. Being placed in a group home wasn’t her ideal place to live, but she soon grew to love it because that’s how she met her best friend Glamour. Now a grown woman, her mission is to become some trapper’s Bonnie, but what happens when she meets the smooth-talking and persistent Vonnie Kross?

Vonnie isn’t just you’re average trapper. In fact, he is one of the most paid suppliers in the Atlanta streets that every woman craves to get a taste of. Ever since his father grew ill and died, he dropped his dreams of ever going off to college and took over the family business. Everything in his life is sweet, or so he thinks. The moment he decides to pursue Mahari, his entire world goes into a spiral.

Glamour is one of the best makeup artists in Atlanta and the ultimate party girl. One drunken night leads her to meet playboy Grayson. An utter mistake has her quickly pushing him away until, finally, she decides to give him a chance and see where things can go from there

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The story had a clear plot with developed characters and good movement. The author did a good job of creating chemistry and tension when needed. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more.

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