Number Ten

Number Ten Number Ten by Robin Hawdon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Unknown forces attempt to assassinate radical new British Prime Minister, James Torrence. No-one knows whether they were organised by business magnates, criminal oligarchs, or jihadist extremists, all of whom are threatened by his rule. What is known is that they are getting information from inside Number Ten Downing Street. Paul Gunter, bright young member of the PM's staff, is arrested by MI5 in the middle of the night, and finds himself falsely implicated in the assassination attempt. He has to fight for his life against all involved parties, using his inside knowledge of Downing Street processes, and the reluctant help of senior staff member, Andrea Holt, to extricate himself. Will the pair survive against vastly superior forces? Will James Torrence and his fragile government endure amidst the revelations? Will love win out against political intrigue? Suspense, romance, and high action ranging across modern London's extraordinary cityscape and beyond.

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I'll preface my comments on the book by saying that political intrigue is not necessarily my genre, but I enjoyed reading this one. The action was nonstop. If I'm up to date on current events some of the content mirrored a few world events. This is what made this story so relatable. This could actually happen. When fiction is based in a bit of reality, it makes for a much more appealing read.
I liked that Hawdon setup this fast-paced drama without taking it slow. Hawdon trusted that the reader would be able to keep up. I think the plot was well executed, which meant the story flowed well and the characters were developed. I would recommend this book to lovers of political intrigue. You can get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review.

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