My Boyfriend Beats Me But I Still Love Him

My Boyfriend Beats Me But I Still Love Him My Boyfriend Beats Me But I Still Love Him by Quan Millz
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Lacey Franklin is the definition of the 21st century educated black millennial woman: classy, educated, career-driven but lonely. She is a senior copywriter working for a bourgeoning black Chicago advertising agency, but unexpectedly, her career comes to an end. Although blindsided by the devastating news, she quickly meets a new beginning with the prospect of finding new love.

Derron Harrington is the founder and CEO of BeastCORE Studios, an upscale boutique gym located in the heart of Downtown Chicago. He's the walking epitome of everything a black woman wants in a black man: attractive, well-spoken, self-assured, entrepreneurial and seductive. Quintessential qualities every woman truly desires out of a man...that is until they discover the depth and darkness of a man's secret demons.

Lacey meets Derron for the first time at his gym and is instantly wowed by his charisma and presence. But she knows little about the man (and his demons). As Derron attempts to pull her into his world, he also begins to unravel, losing sanity as his other problems come to surface.

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This story was well written. The characters were developed and unpredictable, which is a good thing. It keeps a reader on their toes. Can we say Derron? I think the story moved well, had relevant content in regards to domestic violence and believable drama. There were a few grammatical errors, but nothing to distracting. I look forward to the next installment.
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