My First Time with an L.A. Savage

My First Time with an L.A. Savage My First Time with an L.A. Savage by Kia M.
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Diamond Evans isn't your typical twenty-three-year-old. At her young age, she has already graduated early from University of California at Los Angeles. Though she is considered grown in age, she isn’t viewed as an adult through the lens of her great auntie who has raised her ever since her mom neglected her. Due to her great auntie's strict rules and controlling ways, her favorite thing to do in her free time is volunteer at the homeless shelter. After all, it is the only thing she can do without her great aunt trying to dictate her life, which she does regardless. But what happens when Diamond Evans rebels by getting her first taste of freedom? She ends up at a club after being dared by her best friend, Maya. That particular night changes her life forever, in more ways than she could ever imagine.

While at Los Angeles most popular nightclub, she has an unpleasant encounter with Deaundre, who is well known in every hood and every prominent neighborhood throughout Los Angeles. Sure she has heard about plenty men of his caliber after residing in a city with significant gang history, but she has never been face-to-face with one up until now.
Deaundre is the man that all the women love to love, while all the men love to hate. All he ever cares about is his hustle, and anything other than the hustle gets no love from him. After all, his first and only love is his trap house that sits right in the heart of Crenshaw Boulevard. But after that wild night at the nightclub, does Deaundre potentially have room for a second love that the streets can’t give him?

This was an okay read. There were a few distracting inconsistencies. The relationship between the aunt and niece was interesting. The characters were not exactly enjoyable, but they don't necessarily have to be for the read to be interesting. The story moved quickly and had the usual drama and betrayals thrown in the mix. 

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