Defying Destiny: Lincoln Black Knights MC

Defying Destiny: Lincoln Black Knights MC Defying Destiny: Lincoln Black Knights MC 
by K. K. Harris

After the tragic loss of her boyfriend Maze, Destiny Oliver was painted as a bitter snitching chick left in his wake. Though she was given the rarest honor, ‘The First Lady’ of the cutthroat motorcycle club outside of Nashville Tennessee, a lot of folks weren’t as accepting of her presence. Jealousy fueled damages are done in hopes of breaking Dez down to nothing inside and out.

Whereas her father tried to warn her that her affiliation with the Lincoln Black Knights was dangerous, she didn’t believe that all of them were creeps. The night of Maze’s homegoing celebration, Destiny is faced with the ultimate betrayal from being associated with the club. A foreign threat to the area causes a mandatory shut down to occur for all members and affiliates of the society despite her skittish behavior towards the compound.

In a heated interaction with the president, she is forced to deal with the indiscretion that she faced. Dez made a promise to take her secrets to the grave, but Cage has other expectations as he demands the full details. No one tells Cage no and she is no exception. When the discoveries are revealed entirely, they both are determined to defy destiny and protect the integrity of the organization as well as themselves.

                                                           Book Review
Destiny had a lot on her shoulders, including the loss of her love.  The motorcycle club has to deal with murder, a host of crimes, and a snake within their midst.  The President of the club, 
Cage is investigating who is behind the extra heat being sent their way, but destiny threatens to derail him. 

This story moved well, had a clear plot with a nice twist or two and lots of action. The action helped to keep my interest more than the romance. You can't have a book involving an MC and not have some intense action scenes. The characters were entertaining as well. Cage was infuriating at times. I hope he gets it together in book two. I would recommend this book. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review.



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