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Liquor, cigars, and luxury are synonymous with the name Charmain Wright. As the CEO of Wright Liquors, Charmain is no stranger to hard work and staying ahead of the latest acquisition. She has her eye on one of the most exclusive bars in town. Even though she is successful in everything financial, Charmain finds that her efficient way of dealing with the opposite sex is becoming more troublesome than it’s worth. Wanting to avoid the inefficiency of falling in love, Charmain finds that it may not be as troublesome with someone who knows exactly how to “negotiate.”

As the owner of one of the most exclusive cigar bars in Chicago, J is no stranger to balancing his personal life with business.  As the years have gone by, J is noticing that he no longer yearns for the exciting dichotomy of straddling the fence between being legitimate and walking the more dangerous side of the shadows. As the nephew of one of the most notorious Italian crime families in Chicago, he finds himself burnt out and looking for peace. Yet, the last thing he expected was for “his future” to come straight to him.

Book Review
Charmaine sashayed right on into J's world and rocked it. I was so glad to finally get to this second book. I identified so strongly with the male protagonist in book one because of my dating style that I was curious to see who I would identify within this installment.  

I think Terry did a good job with character and plot development. Yes, there were a lot of passionate moments and to that, I say "thank you" lol. "Covi" aka COVID has put a dent in my activities, but that's a conversation for another time.  Both co-protagonists were driven and passionate. The author did a good job conveying both attributes. The story moved well with relevant content and no notable errors that distracted me from the story.  I would recommend this book to anyone wanting/needing passion and romance. Umm Mrs. Terry can I get this on audio? I can hear Wesleigh Siobahn. Can you?

Proceed with caution cigar and brandy lovers. You may crave a side of ...Well, you read the book and tell me. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review.