The Beasts of Success

                                              The Beasts of Success                  
Author|Publisher: Jasun Ether
 Genre: Dark Comedy|Satire
 Pages: 452

In this dog-eat-dog world, three friends find themselves getting nowhere in their careers despite their education and work skills. They decide to make their own rules to the game of life and play dirty to get ahead. Each of them concocts schemes to sabotage colleagues and clear the path for their swift advancement.

Through a journey of deception and personal discovery, they find that life at the top isn’t what they imagined it would be. All the while, they’re not aware that they’re part of a much larger game being played by a world-controlling group that doesn’t have their best interests in mind. And with a physical manifestation of karma on the loose, their futures are uncertain.

In this fast-paced, entertaining ride, readers will confront a cache of arcane truth and thought-provoking situations by means of dark humor, satire, and zany humor. The Beasts of Success lifts the veil on a hidden world of which few are aware. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?

Book Review
Three friends who strive to make their mark in corporate America. To achieve their goals the characters are thrown into some unbelievable or over the top situations.   People are used and deceived in a bid to obtain "success". Morality was not just bent, but demolished. 

The pace started out moderately as the Ether developed the characters and created a world all too familiar for those who have not been invited to the "big boys' table.  Jeremy, Dale & Tim, who met in college,  were tired of being the underdogs. The story progressed using some pretty descriptive language to describe the lengths each would go to in order to come out on top. There were times as I read that the language choices felt a bit off to me and that women were simply a tool to be used.  
I'll be the first to say that the author's writing style was new to me and while I think some of the humor or satire may have gone over my head, I can appreciate the fact that those who are fans of dark humor will thoroughly enjoy this tale. But, don't take my word for it, please secure your own copy below and support the author by leaving a review.