Confessions Confessions by Rich Kisielewski
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“If I cannot have what I want and need, they are not capable of giving me what I want and need, then they cannot continue to be. Period.”
Paul Henry Richter

And this sums up his real “work” and his quest for the “The one”, who turns into another one and then another one. Paul was confident in his abilities and rightfully so. He was so skilled that a task force was created to observe his particular style of “work”. I enjoyed the way the Author drew me in with his re-telling of Paul’s projects and how they were received by the task force. The way he involved us in the courtship of Suzie Matthews was well written. You felt the creepy way Paul fixated on her. The Author allowed your mind to run rampant with the possibilities of what humiliating acts he wanted to and did perform. The task force led by a strong and intelligent woman is something that I had not seen in thrillers as much and it was a nice change. I felt the nervous energy as the plan was enacted to take down Paul. I like that the author paid homage to people in his real life by giving characters their names. That has to be exciting on some level for the recipient of such an acknowledgment i.e. Maeve Brennan. I don’t do spoilers so I won’t say much more regarding the story itself. However, from a technical standpoint, the formatting was perfection. You weren’t thrown off by anyone chapter being too long or short thus throwing off the flow of the story. The content provided was accurate for the type of crime thriller written. It is evident the author did their homework and not to mention the story was proofed and edited perfectly. All in all the author delivered an engaging and sometimes tension-filled crime thriller. I’m a fan of Detective Maeve Brennan.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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