His Boo, My Love, Her Drug 1 & 2

His Boo, My Love, Her Drug His Boo, My Love, Her Drug by Dymond Taylor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The hood didn't kick in with book 1. I'm assuming book 2 will be "hood". There was however drama. An ungrateful spouse, cheating, lying, betrayal. I don't think Matthew is actually sick, maybe he's being poisoned. There is decent character development and plot movement and little to no errors in book 1. (full review will be on the series as a whole)

The drama continued in book 2, but it ventured away from salacious to ludicrous.

Torrey/Adrian/Marvin/Matt/Nomi storyline leads the charge into the ludicrous-ville. The whole plastic surgery for a new identity came out as confusing the way it was revealed and less of a shock. To have the new/old person introduced to the world as the new person just didn't sit well for me. My mind I was thinking about how you did you get documentation to support who you are, etc. I know. I know. It's fiction.
Vance/Karla/Constance was the second storyline that went to crazy town and more so for the way it ended and left you with questions as opposed to how it came about. I can see this playing out in real life.
I don't know book 2 was not as satisfying as book 1 for me. It tied up most of the loose ends, but I still had questions on a few things. Again my overactive imagination was at work. All in all, this was an okay book duo.

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