Wanting You Bad: Myron and Alexandra's Love Story

Wanting You Bad: Myron and Alexandra's Love Story Wanting You Bad: Myron and Alexandra's Love Story by Breana Morgen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Alex moves to the south after ending a 10-year relationship with Karl, who consistently blames his bad behavior on his mental illness. Myron who is separated from his wife due to her bad decisions is becoming overwhelmed with what the curveballs life has been throwing him and his child. During one fateful Uber ride, they are placed in each other's path.

Let's start with the plot. It was a nice change from the usual bad boy/good girl romance. Myron yes he was a bad boy, but he was educated. Alex was a good girl albeit an extremely judgemental one. The author gave us relatable characters. While Myron was a bad boy, he was educated and not just some "corner boy" He took his love of numbers and secured an Accounting degree. Unfortunately, he fell in love and married the wrong woman. Alex never feeling loved and accepted settled with a man who was not meant for her. She also took on her mother's judgemental nature, whose backstory made you warm up just a little to her. The story did tend to be unnecessarily wordy at times and there was very little in the way of actual romance. Romance took a backseat to drama and lust. Overall, this was a decent read.

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