Mine for Never

Mine for Never by Kaia Rae
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This contemporary romance is about love and second chances. It centers around Bali, upcoming marketing & PR specialist and expert user of the "friend zone" and Devin, real estate mogul and playboy. A chance meeting due to a coffee spill at a coffee shop leads to unexpected soul-stirring love.

I'll admit when the story began, I thought great another book about a frazzled girl with big dreams who moves to the city to "make it" and falls short, but not before falling for a bad boy. (sigh)

Well that all changed the moment I got to Chapter two. I could tell this was not the same story. In Kai Rae's debut novel, she provided a re-imagining of this romance. Bali was confident, driven and new her worth. She made a choice early on to not give in to love and allow herself to be heartbroken. Rather than tell you what happens, I encourage you to purchase your own copy to fall in love with this couple. It had me wanting my own Devin James. He begged so deliciously. (sigh) This new indie talent did a great job of making the characters real by placing them in believable situations and taking the time to develop them fully as well as their story. She managed to pull you in with descriptive scenes of locales and giving you relatable characters. It was an easy romance that was not laden down with sexual scenes. But, it managed to keep the chemistry between the two front and center.

Ms. Rae's debut novel was well written, developed and entertaining. Kudos to her.

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