A Gifted but Forbidden Love : A BWWM Love Story

A Gifted but Forbidden Love : A BWWM Love Story A Gifted but Forbidden Love : A BWWM Love Story 
by Uniquely Lashay

SynopsisFor as long as she could remember, Ocean Ray has had her fair share of traumatizing experiences. Growing up in Bainbridge, one of the more countries towns in Georgia, racism was still prevalent. It was 2005 and people of color were still separated from those without it.

After the country life takes a toll on her family, they have no choice but to relocate to the Big Apple where diversity is celebrated throughout New York City, but never did Ocean think she would meet the man of her dreams there. Bainbridge taught her to respect her melanin and ask questions later, but true love has no color. When logic turns into dust, she will fall madly in love with Nick Rizzo.

Nick had never dated a black woman before and most definitely never dated a BBW. After meeting a country girl like Ocean, Nick sees that a woman’s size has nothing to do with her kind, and sweetheart that she possesses. Nick is book smart, and Ocean has a sixth sense about the streets, and even with all the knowledge in the world, love still can’t be taught.

When you fall in love it can be a gift from God but In Nick's case, it is Forbidden. His father has other plans for his life. Will his actions alone be enough to hold on to the most beautiful woman he has ever come across in his life, Ocean. He is learning that there will never be enough words to say or to explain what true love really is

Book Review - Book one of this love story centers on getting to know both Nick and Ocean. The author takes her time in developing their worlds separately before allowing them to converge. While there is no love, yet, the two do meet, and as the book ends there is the promise of new love. Both characters had responsibilities to their family and were not really free to find love themselves necessarily.
I think the author did a good job of building the backstory to what I am sure will be an interesting sequel. It's been a while since I read a romance that had very little to do with romance initially. There were a few spag errors, but nothing that took me out of the story. I think book two has the potential to bring romance, drama, and the necessary angst that make romance novels hard to stop reading. 
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