All Apart of The Chaos: Bubba Griggs A Novel

All Apart of The Chaos: Bubba Griggs A Novel All Apart of The Chaos: Bubba Griggs A Novel 
by Larry T. Griggs

SynopsisEveryone thinks that Pro Wrestling is fake, but to Ryder Blakemore, being fake gets him paid. Ryder lives in the world of "selling" the act of making wrestling look believable to the audience. He's a third generation wrestler on his way to cement his legacy as the best wrestler in the world by winning the championship belt at Slampocalypse. He as it all, money, a great house, everything except the answer to this question.

What do you say to someone when their wife just left them?

This is what Ryder must try to figure out when his best his best friend loses the love of his life. When the duties of being a caretaker to his friend starts to prove more than he can handle, Ryder soon realizes that being there for someone is more than a "it be like that sometimes."

It isn't until Ryder meets and instantly bonds with Amira that things begin to change. Now his main focus is getting his friend better and through the process of the divorce that has left him shattered. With the title match fast approaching Ryder sets out to become the man that everyone expects him to be. Because being fake doesn't get you anywhere with love and Ryder soon finds out that even in wrestling, you can't sell the way of the heart.

Book Review - "being fake doesn't get you anywhere with love "

I was pleasantly surprised to find romance in this sports fiction novel. Ryder has to find a balance between being himself and his wrestling persona. He's tested when he returns home to help a friend in need along the way he just might find something or someone that he's been needing.
I think the author, who has to be a fan of wrestling, based on the way he gave voice to the sport did a good job when it came to character and plot development. He also did a good of making Ryder's angst believable. However, I was distracted by the errors. For me, they distracted from the story enough for me to notice. Outside of that, I think the author is talented and you can see his enjoyment of the sport in this novel.
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