The Black Rose Killer

The Black Rose Killer The Black Rose Killer by Linette King

SynopsisEveryone handles childhood trauma differently. Some people make time to heal and grow. Some people hold on to it and history repeats itself. Then there are the saviors, the ones who want to prevent anyone from feeling the pain they felt. Those people are usually willing to do anything for someone they're trying to help. But how far is too far? At what point does the thin line between right and wrong blur? Find out in this story The Black Rose Killer.

Book Review - I can't believe I'm three for three on my Halloween 2020 reads.  Linette King delivered an exciting story. I love her twisted mind. While the vigilante angle is not new, King made it her own. She weaved a perfect mystery with a couple of interesting turns. The story moved quickly and the plot was well developed. The characters and their individual stories were interesting as well. The only reason it isn't a 5-star rating is because of the few errors that took off a half-point. They weren't in abundance, but enough for me to notice personally. That being said this was a fantastic read with an even more fantastic ending. It was everything I could have asked for with this story.

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